About the Founder of Dorey AromaTherapy

Mary Ellen Dorey

Mary Ellen Dorey’s quest for improving the health and vitality began in her early teens due to her family’s persistent illnesses. Her interest in complementary health therapies grew while at she attended Buffalo State College and The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. She discovered aromatherapy while working full-time for a multi-billion-dollar retailer, heading up quality assurance and customer relations.

Capitalizing on her 25-year background in retail management, consumer lab testing, technical design, and quality control, Mary Ellen became registered by the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC) and founded Dorey AromaTherapy in 2009. Mary Ellen incorporates her unique aromatherapy formulations into her practice of European and Ayurvedic styles of reflexology, Energy Healing and personalized individual Pilates sessions offered in Plano, TX.

“To experience wholeness in body, mind and spirit…”

Each of the modalities that Mary Ellen has studied extensively and practices are a result of her own personal experience and great success with each. Aromatherapy is the overarching modality unifying all for whole body support.