Energy Healing

There are 4 dimensions of energy:

  • Physical- the quantity of our energy
  • Emotional-the quality of energy
  • Mental-the focus of our energy
  • Spiritual-the force of our energy

We are energetic and spiritual beings having a physical experience. Energy wants to flow freely. When it gets stuck, we experience all sorts of dis-ease.

Energy healing is a complementary approach of reading the energy of the body and finding where it is stuck and getting it to flow freely.

The most common form of energy healing is Reiki. I learned Reiki in 2004 and have been working with energy ever since.

I incorporate Reiki, Trinity, and Bio-Linguistic Kinesiology (BLK) to assist my clients in identifying and unblocking stuck energy patterns. The process is simple, straightforward, and effective.

An email I received from a client after an energy session the other day:
“I just have to say I have had really good results from our session on Tuesday. I have slept better, more clarity and more energy.”
Roger D

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