Reflexology is an ancient practice of stimulating and supporting the body. All body parts reflex through the hands, feet, and ears. When you stimulate any of these areas, blood flow is enhanced to the corresponding body part. I incorporate aromatherapy blends with physical stimulation (gentle massage) to the hands and/or feet to affect changes. The result is a greater sense of well-being, relaxation, and overall enhanced energy.

European Reflexology

A unique reflexology technique that starts with hot towels soaked in Epsom salts with essential oils. The major organ systems are assessed; custom aromatherapy formulas are gently applied to the feet and later reassessed. Specially created warm wooden tools finish the treatment.

Clients describe this treatment as very relaxing and uplifting. Regular treatments promote wellness and vitality for the whole body, mind, and spirit.

Ayurvedic Reflexology

Based on ancient Ayurvedic techniques, pedi-karma reflexology treatment combines a foot soak using Ayurvedic cleansing salts, kansa bowl massage (said to de-acidify the body) and warm towel treatment with Ayurvedic oils and powders. This treatment is balancing and supportive to the whole body.

This is one to choose when you are recuperating, have toxicity issues or long-standing stress.

Hand Reflexology

We use our hands so much every day. From daily chores, cooking, computer work and driving, our hands and arms take on quite a lot! Hot aromatherapy-soaked towels begin this treatment. Reflexology points on the hands and forearms are gently massaged with body balancing oils to create relaxation, ease, and comfort.

Hand and Foot Combination

Hand treatments can be combined with either the European or Ayurvedic foot treatments for a total body treat!