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The European Reflexology treatment is relaxation and full body support technique that starts with overall wellness questions.  Then a warm towel cleansing of the feet is followed by a detailed assessment on the feet by isolating various organ systems.  Based on the results of both, up to 3 custom aromatherapy blends are further diluted and applied to the feet as a detailed reflexology session is performed.  Reassessment is performed at the end.  Clients report feeling both deeply relaxed and refreshed.  90 minutes

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This signature treatment is recommended for anyone from the very young to the very infirm.  Relaxing and rejuvenating on a physical and emotional/spiritual level.  The treatment is performed with the client face up.

Contra-indicated during a fever or early stages of cold or flu, during pregnancy or within 6 weeks after surgery.  (After that, it is highly recommended).


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