Summer Nights Perfume


As I inhale this lovely fragrance, I am immediately taken to the ocean.  I can hear the waves and feel the sun and wind on my face.  Come with me.

Available in 5ml or 10 ml refillable atomizers.

As I inhale this fragrance deeply, I am immediately taken to the ocean.  I can hear the waves, feel the sun and wind on my face.  It smells fresh with a hint of something earthier.  I get vanilla, sweet spice and something warm, darker and richer.  Head notes of cinnamon and bergamot are the sweet spice.  The palmarosa and howood are the subtle mystery of the opening notes.

As the perfume continues to open up, now I get the floral notes.  Jasmine, rose and lavender blend harmoniously to produce a light, joyful heart note.  Clary, the ultimate mixer, brings them all together with subtly and grace.

Wearing Summer Nights, I get the occasional whiff of sweet, softness from the nape of my neck (at my hairline).   The muskiness of the ambrette and vetiver keeps the vanilla from becoming cloying.  The labdanum anchors the floral notes with sophistication.

As the name states, this is a perfume of summer.  Its floral, slightly spicy notes create a blend of relaxation and joy taking you to your happy place, which for me is always the ocean!  This is definitely a woman’s blend.  The sweeter notes would be too sweet for a man.

5 ml and 10 ml sizes

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5 ml, 10 ml


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