Aromatic Wellness Sprays


Aromatic Sprays uplift yourself!  They can be applied to the head and face as well as around a room.

Fresh, gentle and simple to use for everyday support for Sleep, Immune Support and Women’s Balance Blend.

2 ounce-$18.00

4 ounce-$34.00

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The Art of Misting

Create a gentle cloud of mist around face and head with big circular, sweeping motions. Close eyes, breathe deeply and feel it settle upon you. Balancing, grounding and uplifting. Can be used as often as desired. Spray on clothing and/or linens for added freshness.

Choose From:

Sleep: A relaxing and soothing blend made with pure, authentic organic essential oils of lavender, rose and blue chamomile.  This fragrant blend will send you off to a restful night’s sleep. Simply mist your face or your linens for a good night of sleep.

Uplifting Immune Boost: A gentle mood enhancing and immune building blend with pure, authentic, organic essential oils of peppermint, bay laurel, rhododendron and sweet orange.  Use daily to keep you and your environment clear and clean.

Women’s Balance Blend Hydrosol: This pure, organic rose hydrosol is enhanced with pure, authentic, organic essential oils of davana and geranium; two essential oils that share an affinity with the female temperament.  Known for their balancing and uplifting effect on the hormonal system, this blend just makes you feel refreshed and happy!  Can be used anytime throughout the day or for supercharging your skincare, after cleansing and prior to applying Organic Anti-Aging Serum or Pressed Serum.

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Sleep 2 ounce, Sleep 4 ounce, Women's Balance 2 ounce, Women's Balance 4 ounce, Immune Boost 2 ounce, Immune Boost 4 ounce


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