Cuticle Serum


Hangnails, ripped cuticles and dry nails are painful and irritating.  Nightly use of one drop of Cuticle Oil rubbed into each nail before sleep will have you wondering when the last time was you had a bad cuticle!  (Don’t miss them do you?)

one-quarter ounce

Our hands do so much for us everyday.  Express your appreciation to your nails by taking a few moments for daily maintenance to stave off bigger problems.  Dry, brittle or ripped cuticles can be really irritating.  Left unattended, they can get infected too.

We combined anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, nail nourishing essential oils of marigold, clove, lavender, Moroccan chamomile and several botanical oils to create this softly floral serum.  Apply one drop/nail and rub in before retiring.  You will enjoy the delicate aroma and the results~