Deep Forest Solid Perfume


Our Deep Forest hankers back to that enigmatic feeling of being in the deep woods. Quiet. Elusive. Still.

Location, location, location…Androgynous in feeling, this fragrance works equally well for men mingled in a beard or women along the nape of the neck.

Deep Forest is created in a base of beeswax and cocoa butter. Warm a little bit between your fingers and inhale the curious mix of citrus, pink pepper and mint. The musky notes of ambrette, blonde tobacco and a touch of oakmoss yield depth and echo the mint heart note that brings on a smile.

Location, location, location.  Apply your solid perfume from your fingertips onto your beard, hairline and ends of hair as well as pulse points for maximum staying power.  When you invite someone into your personal space, they will experience the subtle mingling of scent and your essence blended together.  Delightful!