Get Well Basket


When someone you love comes down with a cold, the Get Well Basket is a thoughtful, useful gift.

Remember, self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

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For the dear one with the bad cold or respiratory congestion, nothing says “Ahh, poor you” quite like the Get Well Gift Basket.

Chock full of sinus opening, cough stopping pure, authentic, organic essential oil based goodies, this one is sure to earn high marks in the thoughtful friend department!

  • 15 ml Cold Stop Serum. If you can catch this cold early, stop it in its tracks!
  • 10 ml Respiratory Rescue for that deep cough. Rub on your chest and back before sleep. Yes, you will get some sleep!
  • Breathe Easy Inhaler to ease that stuffy nose.
  • 2-pack Cold/Respiratory “Message in a Bubble®” Bath Fizzies. Our trademarked fizzies will knock that nasty stuff back and reveal an inspirational quote to make you say “hmmm”.

Festively packaged in a sturdy, reusable, handmade woven basket. All products made with pure, authentic, organic essential oils and botanicals.

You may want to keep one of these baskets to yourself too! Store the unused products in the refrigerator to keep them fresh! Except for the bath fizzies. Keep those near the bath. And follow the directions….

And eat chicken soup… And cover your mouth when you sneeze…and rest.




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