Kyphi Egyptian Incense


This Kyphi Egyptian Incense was created from an authentic formulation translated from the hieroglyphs of an Egyptian tomb. This fragrant incense is steeped in the mystery and magic that is ancient Egypt.

Painstakingly made by grinding several resins and herbs including of styrax, myrrh, frankincense, galbanum and much more; when sniffing the dry incense, you get some sweetness and a camphor aroma.  But once it is burned, your environment is transformed. It is uplifting and warm; complex and mysterious.

Kyphi incense was used in ancient Egypt to cleanse and purify the air in homes, temples and on the individual’s clothing, hair or wig.  (The ancient Egyptians were plagued with lice so they shaved their heads and wore wigs).

Kyphi was even chewed to freshen the breath, but please don’t.  It was used to elevate the thoughts and emotions lifting one into a more elevated state of awareness.  I notice that I feel much calmer and centered when I burn it and I am less likely to scream at my computer for misbehaving.

Best used in an electric burner like the one featured but can also be burned on a disposable aluminum pie or mini-tart pan over an electric or gas stove.  Use low heat.  It will spread out a bit and make a small mess so make sure you put it on a protected surface.  The delightful fragrance, sweet yet earthy, will linger long after it is finished burning.

Break off a small amount at a time to burn.  A little goes a long way.

15 gram


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